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Welcome to Daniel’s Projects! This website is full and updated with fun projects that can easily be duplicated within the backyard. These projects range from melting soda cans into liquid aluminum to making indoor s’mores.To view these amazing activities click on one of the tabs above and start exploring. Have fun!
Daniel T. Simpson

Daniel T. Simpson


Hello, I am the owner of this website and currently at the age of 19. I first created this website when I was 13 years old and plan to make plenty of changes soon. But in the meantime, feel free to explore what I worked on when I was a young teenager!
I decided to create this website, with the help of my father, to spread ideas, or projects, to people of all ages who could use this information to satisfy their boredom. Below this paragraph are four buttons that will send you off into the site where all sorts of fun things will be discovered. Happy exploring!