Indoor Marshmallows
Have you ever wanted a s’more, but you didn’t want to start a whole fire to do so. Well this article will demonstrate how to make a mini-indoor s’more.

Mini-marshmallow (or normal marshmallow if you have a lot of time)

1)Light the candle
2)Stab a marshmallow into a tooth pick
3)Hover the marshmallow over the flame until the white cylinder is brown
4) Smush the warmed up mellow between two chocolate pieces and two gram crackers

1) Take two tooth picks and glue them together about a centimeter off the end and duct tape it (do this twice)
2) Stab the double tooth picks in the candle parallel to each other as seen bellow
3)Poke a toothpick through a marshmallow until the cylinder reaches the center of the toothpick
4)Place the end of the tooth pick in between the double sticks (see second image)

Note: Make sure the marshmallow is in the center of the tooth pick before lighting the candle, result shown above

I hope this tutorial has satisfied your taste buds 🙂