Creating a Hologram
Ever since the 50s people have fantasized over a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source, or in other words a hologram. In this article you’ll learn how to create a hologram and how it works. You might have┬áseen videos on how to make this, but I’ll be explaining what’s going on. I’ll also be including a tutorial video from AmericanHacker and a video made for the projector.

Note: You’ll need a smart phone or a tablet for this to work. Below is the tutorial for a smart phone.

-Smart Phone
-Graph Paper
-Clear Plastic Half of a CD Case (x2 if this is your first time)
-Electric Tape
-A Precision Knife
-Sand Paper
-Pencil (Optional)

1) Take a piece of graph paper and draw a trapezoid with the short length being 1cm, the long length 6cm, and the height 3.5cm. Then cut it out.
2) Trace the small trapezoid in the plastic cover four times with the sharpie (see image below)
3a) With the knife slowly and lightly make markings over the traced shapes. Do this on both sides.
3b) With the knife carve over those same markings, but with a little more pressure.
3c) Slowly and carefully bend the plastic slightly, back and forth, until the shapes pop out. If this doesn’t work the first time, repeat step 3b and do the same. Keep repeating steps 3b and 3c until the shapes pop out.
4) Sand the edges of the shapes until they are fairly smooth and arrange them in a certain fashion (see image below)
5) Tape the edges and fold inwards so you have a trapezoid-like prism (see image below)
6)Take the glue and squirt along the inside edges of the prism and wait about an hour for it to set. Do the same on the other side after removing the tape, carefully.






If you have a tablet and want a bigger hologram then you’ll need a template that is 12cm (long side), 2cm (short side), and 7cm (height). This means that you’ll need four clear plastic plates and hot glue instead of superglue (since hot glue is easier to apply)

Here’s a link to one hologram supporting video that will lead to many others (I do not own this video):

This is not a hologram it’s in fact a reflection.
If we take one trapezoid and place it over one of the images in the video (At the same angle) you get the same effect as a whole projector would give. Please view my very beautifully drawn diagram below

Blue:Trapezoid Piece
Yellow:Image (Light)
Light is being projected by the smart phone and is sending light upwards. That light is then reflected off of the transparent plastic and goes into your eye. I assume the plastic in the CD case makes the light look like its 3D or holographic.
So that’s that! That is how you create a reflection that looks like a hologram. Please share this article with your friends and family, and please view my other articles at

Underneath is a video tutorial from AmericanHacker: