Untitled Update

Ok, so I’m half way through the document. I will be working on it throughout the week and I will hopefully get it posted before Friday. That’s all.

Back In Action….Slowly

Sorry, I have not been working on the website recently I have been caught-up with some other stuff that I could have¬†avoided to work on the next article. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll work on the document but for now all I’ve got are step-by-step photos

Back In Action

Sorry for not posting recently, but I have been enjoying my first few days of summer. The secret article has made progress, cause I’ve taken step-by-step pictures. Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to finish the article and post it, but that’ll most likely...

Finishing School

Sorry for not keeping up with future stuff, but I’ve been finishing up school, so tomorrow I will have my last day and get back to work on the website. I will start to work on an article tomorrow and possibly finish it by the end of the week, but I won’t...

More Info

Instead of writing up a whole document I have decided to add on more information to “The Hoverboard” page. In this addition basic instruction is given on how to create an MFA engine and how Hendo hoverboards creates their boards and how I’m going to...

Hoverboard Update

Over the weekend I’ll work on a document on my first steps for achieving a hoverboard. This document will consist of supplies and the directions on how to make a hoverboard. I’ll update tomorrow on how the document is doing.