Yay new article is up

I got a new article and this type we are dealing with the elements. Now you’ll know how to generate the flammable hydrogen gas from items you encounter every day!!!

Finally a new Article

A new 3CTWB has been added, this one containing a Static Rod, Rubber band-Hand Gun, and a Shock Generator! I’ve also uploaded a new video on my youtube account: https://www.youtube.com/user/danielcoolkid1 Also don’t forget to become a patreon and help this...

Patreon account has been set up!

Since production of articles for the website has gone slow I’ve decided to create a Patreon page to motivate this production. On patreon you can donate any amount you want to help reach our goal of $25. When I reach that goal I will be able to afford advanced...

Ok I’ve got a butt-ton of ideas

Ok I’ve got a butt-ton of ideas, but the problem is finding time to do them. I have enough images ready for a second 3 Cool Things to do When Bored, but I need some time to write them up. Maybe this weekend!, until then, keep searching.

I’m Struggling with Ideas!!!

Hello, sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’ve been busy with school work plus I am working on a mini metal foundry! With this foundry I’ll be able to melt soda cans into pure aluminum. I’ll be using this aluminum to cast parts for the...

It’s finally Up

Since I’m now in school I haven’t been working on the website as much, but the first article for 3 Cool Things to do When Bored is up!!! go ahead and view it under At Home Creations!!