It’s finally Up

Since I’m now in school I haven’t been working on the website as much, but the first article for 3 Cool Things to do When Bored is up!!! go ahead and view it under At Home Creations!!

I procrastinated

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the website. I was being lazy, but instead of having another tutorial on creating an object I’ll list three cool things you can do without needing to head out the door to get. I’ll get to work on it tomorrow and I...

Hologram Article is Up!

I’ve posted the article on creating holograms which you’ll be able to find under ‘At Home Creations” The article contains step-by-step images and text on how to create one of these pyramids, a video made just for the pyramid (Which I did not...

Next project is coming soon…ish

Currently I’m writing the article on holograms, but it may be postponed because I’ll be going to New York and return Friday. I might be able to complete the article if Wifi is available when I’m over there.