Yay new article is up

I got a new article and this type we are dealing with the elements. Now you’ll know how to generate the flammable hydrogen gas from items you encounter every day!!!

Finally a new Article

A new 3CTWB has been added, this one containing a Static Rod, Rubber band-Hand Gun, and a Shock Generator! I’ve also uploaded a new video on my youtube account: https://www.youtube.com/user/danielcoolkid1 Also don’t forget to become a patreon and help this...

Patreon account has been set up!

Since production of articles for the website has gone slow I’ve decided to create a Patreon page to motivate this production. On patreon you can donate any amount you want to help reach our goal of $25. When I reach that goal I will be able to afford advanced...

Ok I’ve got a butt-ton of ideas

Ok I’ve got a butt-ton of ideas, but the problem is finding time to do them. I have enough images ready for a second 3 Cool Things to do When Bored, but I need some time to write them up. Maybe this weekend!, until then, keep searching.

I’m Struggling with Ideas!!!

Hello, sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’ve been busy with school work plus I am working on a mini metal foundry! With this foundry I’ll be able to melt soda cans into pure aluminum. I’ll be using this aluminum to cast parts for the...