Air Cannon

You may have seen products that can shoot balls of air as far as thirty feet, but if you don’t want to pay a high price for an air cannon, you can make your own for less than 9 dollars! In this article you’ll learn how to make an air cannon that will allow you to prank your friends and lighten up a party,



Empty Toilet Paper Roll

Empty Duct Tape Roll (Optional)

Magic Tape


Paper (Optional)


1) Tie the bottom of the balloon

2) Cut among the dotted lines shown below

3)Wrap the balloon over one end of the roll

4) To secure the balloon wrap tape around the edges

Now you have created a confetti launcher, but you could do something else…

5) Pinch the other end of the roll so you have three edges and then tape over the edges so that the center point is open. Make sure the center point is the ONLY opening


Take an empty tape roll and perform the same process as before, but since you can’t really bend the roll you can take a piece of paper, cover the open gap, and a poke a hole in the paper. Make sure that the paper is sightly like a cone or else the air will hit the paper and won’t go out of the hole. *I learned that the hard way :|*

That’s it! In order to launch these cannons just pull as far as you can on the balloon knot and release!