3 Cool Things to do When Bored

Pt.2- Static Rod, Rubber band-Hand Gun, and Shock Generator

This time, you’ll learn how to crate static from a straw, shoot rubber bands with your hand, and generate mini-lightning bolts!

#1- A Static Rod Ever wanted to pick up a piece of paper with a straw? That is.. a really thin piece of paper.. and small. Well then wait no further! You’ll need a straw, wrapped in paper.

All you need to do is make a tear about an inch away from one end to create two pieces of paper. Make sure you keep the torn piece of paper. Now hold the short end, to make sure that the electricity stays in the straw, and rub the long end back and forth. The longer you rub the more static is generated allowing you to pick up larger pieces of paper. Quickly remove the longer piece and you’ll be able to pick up the paper wrapper! If you don’t have a straw with a paper wrapper a tissue may work.

What’s happening is when you rub the long piece you are generating static electricity, the kind that makes your hair stand on end when you go down a slide. With that static electricity you have the power to pick up small pieces of paper. The more electricity the large pieces you can pick up.

#2- The Rubber Band Hand Gun
So your friend just angered you, huh? Then take a rubber band and gain your revenge!

First you’ll need a rubber band, preferably a slightly thick one so you can shoot farther. Then hold the rubber band with your ring, or middle finger (or both if you have two rubber bands) and wrap the band around the outside of your thumb and hang it against the end of your index finger. Now release your ring or middle finger and the band flies several dozen feet and has the power to knock down plastic cups and inflict a stinging pain.

#3- Shock Generator
If you want to see some lightning, then grab a plasma ball and some conductive surface.

When you turn on a plasma ball some electricity goes through the glass so when something conductive (I used a dead lithium battery) is touching the glass it is also gaining electricity. So when you bring a pencil about a millimeter away from the conductor you get tiny sparks! You could use your finger if the surface is small, but if it’s shocking you for too long it will burn and you’ll get a tiny black dot on your finger that eventually goes away.
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